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Thyroid Medication

thyroid medicationSince thyroid hormones affect every cell in your body, an overactive or underactive thyroid can produce a wide variety of symptoms.

Your thyroid gland is located in the front of your neck below your Adam's apple. It plays an important role in regulating your body's metabolism.



Is there a connection between weight gain and thyroid disease ?

Thyroid condition generally results in a metabolic slowdown which may result in weight gain. According to the stats more than 26 million American citizens who have been diagnosed with such condition show these symptoms. So what can you do to minimise these affects? Learn more about thyroid diet »


Thyroid Medication

What medication is available? There are organic and chemical solutions available that will help you minimise the symptoms of under and over active thyroids.
Lern more about thyroid medication »


HYPOTHYROIDISM (underactive thyroid)

Hypothyroidism may occur at any age but is especially common in older individuals. It affects 17% of women and 9% of men by age 60.


Do you have Hypothyroidism?

Check out these Possible Signs and Symptoms hypothyroidism »





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